Aloe and Agave


Aloes form part of the large Lily family and can be found mainly in Africa, Madagascar and Arabia. Aloes are renowned for their beautiful flowers and can range from quite small to great sizes. The leaves are thickened and grow in a rosette, they also contain an extremely bitter juice that can be used medicinally such as the juice of Aloe ferox. 


This large genus of rosette-forming succulents can be seen as the American version of the African Aloe. Most agaves are monocarpic, with each stem flowering only once and then dying. 

Aloe brevifolia, variegated 

Aloe peglerae 

 Aloe pratensis

Aloe longistyla 

Aloe glauca 

Agave potatorum

Agave parryii 

Agave Queen Victoria 

Agave titanota 

Agave pillifera 

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