These smaller plants have a preferance for shade and only occur in Namibia and South Africa. They are mainly from areas with a winter rainfall. Their flowers are relatively insignificant, but the leaves boast spectacular formations. Many of the plants have thick, contractile roots that pull the plants into the earth, exposing the windowed leaf surface.

Haworthia maxima (Keurfontein) 

Haworthia maxima (Keurfontein) 

Haworthia maxima (Vrede) 

Haworthia mutica (Drew White) 

Haworthia splendens 

Haworthia marxii  

Haworthia marxii 

Haworthia opalina 

Haworthia maxima (Rooiberg, the miniature fenotype) 

Haworthia marginata 

Haworthia wittebergensis 

Haworthia limifolia var. striata 

Haworthia maxima (Keurfontein) 

Haworthia maxima (Worcester Quarry) 

Haworthia maxima (Vrede)  

Haworthia maxima (Worcester Airfield)  

Haworthia scabra (Dysselsdorp) 

Haworthia truncata, var. maughanii 

Haworthia pygmaea (Great Brak)

Haworthia cooperii, var. truncata

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