Euphorbia and Echeveria



Euphorbias have a worldwide distribution of over 2000 species and are also known as the 'camels' of the dry areas. In South Africa they are commonly known as 'vingerpolle', which literally means 'group of fingers', with every district having it's own 'vingerpol'. The well known Baseball Plant, Euphorbia Obesa, also forms part of this group. Most Euphorbias contain a milky latex, which often can be poisoness. Euphorbias can also be seen as Africa's counterpart for the American cactus. 


Echeverai forms a large genus of leaf succulents from the Ameriacas. Their rosettes vary from tight and short stemmed to loose on upright or hanging stems. They mostly enjoy a shady habitat and many can tolerate some frost. Many of the plants are colourful and vibrant.  

Euphorbia horrida (Uniondale) 

Euphorbia multiceps 

Euphorbia gorgonis 

Euphorbia gamkensis 

Euphorbia obesa 

Euphorbia valida 

Echeveria potsina 

 Echeveria setosa (Royal Blush)

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